A signature silhouette and an innovative process define the transformation of the fabric through various handcrafted techniques and an artistic approach. This process creates relief, structure, and patterns, yielding a new surface that imparts a unique look to the creations.

The well-crafted pieces, made from high-quality fabrics such as silk, wool, and viscose, take form with consciousness flowing like a bloodstream throughout the entire process. We tailor one or more personal key garments according to your requirements. Make an appointment and come visit us for an inital creative meeting.

Foto: Håkan Larsson


An elegant waistcoat with figure seams and a Victorian inspired high collar with a raw ripped edge. The vest is lined and fastens with sewn snaps. The vest is made to measure and we need your measurements. Please contact the store and we will help you with how to measure, if you are unable to come to the store. SHOP>>>

"The dark aesthetic, for me, embodies the essence of mystery and raw elegance. It exudes a dramatic seriousness and depth that I find captivating. I use black as a canvas to build structures, textures, and silhouettes that become more pronounced when devoid of distracting colors."

Maria Sjödin, 2024