Maria Sjödin weaves with a delicate touch, marrying precision and artistry. Each creation is a black poetic symphony of meticulous techniques, a hybrid between fashion and art, adorned with the allure of multifaceted black elements. Woven with care in Maria Sjödin's Stockholm studio, each garment is a testament to a rich and time-honored process.

Beyond bespoke creations, we extend an invitation to embrace elegance through our artisanal garment rentals. Maria Sjödin's artistry spans diverse techniques, notably showcased in the spray collection—a poetic convergence where silk dresses, bespoke and unique, become a canvas for avantgarde expressions. Sprayed with acrylic paint, they blossom into abstract 3D patterns, encapsulating the essence where art seamlessly intertwines with the world of refined craftsmanship.

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"At the moment, I'm deeply inspired by taking the Slow Fashion philosophy even further, exploring new techniques, structures, and embroideries. I'm pushing myself through the creative process to create new, more experimental pieces."

 Maria Sjödin, 2024