Welcome to the world of Maria Sjödin Stockholm

"To draw and create has always been the most important part of my life. Since I could hold a pen, I have been drawing, mostly figures and people, and hundreds of paper-doll outfits. Quite early on, I had a need to express myself through clothes. I dressed up as different characters for our small plays in the garden... I dug deep into my parents' wardrobes and storage to find different pieces to put together or recreate. As a small-town girl from Söderhamn, I was frustrated with what was available on the market, so I had to be creative and started making my own clothes from fabric I found at home. I experimented a lot with cuts and techniques, even though I didn't know anything about pattern making, I understood the principles. All of this, to a soundtrack of the early eighties punk scene; Siouxsie and the Banshees and Toyah were my favorites. I was longing for broader horizons, London, Paris, Stockholm… But I ended up in Ljusdal, an even smaller town in Hälsingland, where I received my education in tailoring and pattern making. Immediately after finishing school, I moved to Stockholm for a job as a cutter assistant at Rehband Anatomiska, to gain experience working at a textile factory. I followed this with attendance at various art schools and some modeling gigs, convinced that everything I did was valuable experience for starting my own brand, which I did in 1991."

Maria Sjödin (MS), a visionary Swedish designer and founder of Casual Priest. In 1991, she laid the foundation for Maria Sjödin Stockholm, initially crafting smaller collections and  bespoke works inspired by the experimental underground culture rooted in punk. During her career, MS has styled celebrities, artists, actors, and politicians for the red carpet. She has also collaborated with artists in contemporary dance, music videos, and stage productions.

In 1999, MS unearthed her artistic voice, setting the stage for the powerful 'Millennium' collection, marking a pivotal moment in her career. This series of outfits, born from a minimalistic design in matte dupion-silk, a fabric integral to her narrative, showcased and exalted her commitment to timeless avant-garde creations on a smaller scale, adorned with sustainability ideals and minimal waste practices. This collection is still remaining the core of the Maria Sjödin Stockholm line. Throughout her career, she has consistently embraced slow fashion principles, prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices in every garment she creates.

In the fusion between art and fashion, MS orchestrates an innovative process, sculpting fabric through various handcrafted techniques. The result is a couture piece, carefully curated in a dark setting, unveiling a new look with a blacken depth.
Fueled by a zero-waste philosophy, MS transforms production remnants into design masterpieces, minimizing waste and creating unique textures within the slow fashion and NO WASTE collection. Each garment emerges as a distinctive, one-of-a-kind creation.

In 2002, sparked by inspiration from a newly ordained female priest, MS designed a functional and contemporary all-around Clergy-shirt in jersey for the female body—a design now globally revered under the label Casual Priest. Read more about Casual Priest here >>>

Since 2004, the studio is nestled in Midsommarkransen, south of Stockholm. Maria Sjödin Stockholm, studio and showroom epitomize a conscious design approach. The collection showcases tailored pieces with a classic cut and a raw attitude, with some meticulously crafted in a small factory in Portugal. Dive into the ready-to-wear collection or commission your unique piece directly from the studio—a personal journey through Maria's artistry.